Almudena Torres

My name is Almudena and I have a degree in English philology. I have been teaching Spanish for almost 20 years with students from A1 to C2 level. I have worked for the Centro Superior de Lenguas Modernas de la Universidad de Cádiz and for Don Quijote, Centro Internacional de Español; I am also a DELE examiner, the official Spanish exam certified by the Instituto Cervantes. I am passionate about teaching Spanish because I love my language and I like to transmit this passion to my students. My greatest reward is to see the evolution of my students and their progress in Spanish. My method is based on my experience, creating a pleasant and dynamic atmosphere in the classroom in which students feel comfortable and confident to speak and make mistakes without fear because this is the best way to learn. Teaching a language is far from presenting grammatical rules and repetition exercises in isolated sentences, it is about immersing yourself in the culture and understanding the language you are studying in order to acquire it and use it in real situations. My goal is to make learning Spanish a fun and rewarding experience for all my students.

Pepe Martín

I have been teaching for more than 30 years! I started as a graduate in phylosophy; then I became the most eager pupil (and later teacher) in the world of accountability. 15 years ago I discovered the amazing world of Spanish for foreigners. Since we open 'Centro de Estudios Plaza las Flores S.L.', I have never stopped growing and learning. First and foremost, I'm a polifacetic person, ready to experiment with new areas and teaching techniques (taking always advantage of my wide experience). Currently, I am not spending so much time teaching (I'm now mostly an accountant for foreign companies stablished in Spain). However, it is most likel we will meet in some of the tours we organise thorought Spain

Juan de Antelo

Hello! My name is Juan. I am a teacher of Spanish, computer science, mathematics and physics. I am pleased to present my services for those who wish to learn or improve their Spanish. I have more than 10 years experience as a teacher at Centro de Estudios Plaza las Flores. What is the secret of a good teacher? Never stop learning: broaden your horizons and be able to understand the student.

Teresa Mesa

I have been a coordinator and manager for 32 years. In 1991, when I founded with Pepe Martin Centro de Estudios Plaza las Flores in Estepona, I started to organise the courses, groups and teachers of the Centro de Estudios and I haven't stopped since. I haven't stopped since then, what kind of courses and activities have we done? A bit of everything: we started with subjects related to the training of workers in the areas of administration, computers and languages..., until we focused more and more on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. My philosophy is: each student is unique and has specific needs that my team and I must meet with professionalism. My job is to manage the needs of the students with quality, responsibility and empathy.


My name is Marina, I studied school teaching and I have always been connected to the world of teaching. Being able to teach my language is something that always caught my attention. That's why I decided to study a master's degree in ELE. Now I have the opportunity to do my internship at this school. The intercultural and human environment is unbeatable. I feel that I am growing every day both on a personal and professional level. It has been a wonderful experience.


I welcome anyone who needs information about our courses and activities. You can find me in the information office, in the library or in the computer room. My English skills allow me to facilitate the language exchange sessions we organise at the school. I enjoy my role as a facilitator on trips and excursions. And I give support classes in whatever is needed. In short, an all-rounder who adapts to whatever is needed, young and energetic.

Comments from our students